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Proper Design of Dairy Liquid Manure Nutrient Distribution Systems to Facilitate Agronomic Applications: A properly designed nutrient distribution system begins with understanding the quality and volume of water generated by the dairy.Read More

The Fresno Low-Head Hydropower Project - A Case Study: The City of Fresno Water Division is planning to develop a low-head hydropower project on a new 60-inch diameter pipeline that delivers water to their surface water treatment plant.Read More

Development and Operation of a Small Hydropower Plant by an Irrigation District – A Case Study of the Orange Cove Irrigation District: The Orange Cove Irrigation District (OCID) has owned and operated the Friant Fishwater Release Powerplant since 1990.Read More

What’s All This Talk About SPCC Plans: Since 1973 the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans as a cornerstone of its strategy to prevent oil spills from reaching our nation's waters.Read More