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Valley Fig Digester Project, Valley Fig Growers, Fresno, California

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group designed an innovative anaerobic digester at the Valley Fig Growers (VFG) facility located in downtown Fresno, California. This award-winning project demonstrates technologically advanced anaerobic digestion as a cost effective method for treating food processing wastewater. The digester reduces the concentration of the high strength wastewater sent to the City of Fresno’s sewer system, thus reducing VFG´s wastewater disposal fees. By reducing wastewater strength 70 to 80 percent with the digester, VFG is freeing up capacity for other users equivalent to 2,500 homes. The digester produces biogas, a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is captured, pressurized, and used in a microturbine which generates 60 kW of electricity, supplying two-thirds of VFG´s electrical energy needs. The biogas is also used in burners providing hot water to the plant. Provost & Pritchard successfully prepared grant applications for the project from the California Energy Commission and PG&E totaling nearly $600,000.

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