Land Development

Copper River Ranch Development, Granville Homes and Gary McDonald Homes, Fresno, California

Copper River Ranch is a 1,000-acre mixed-use development in northeast Fresno. Surrounding the Copper River Country Club, Copper River Ranch is primarily a single-family residential development, though it contains elements of neighborhood commercial and multi-family residential development.

Provost & Pritchard was the primary civil engineer for the project. The firm´s responsibilities included land planning, assistance with preparation and processing of the project EIR, subdivision entitlement processing, development of a community-wide infrastructure master plan to service the area, all land surveying and subdivision mapping, and preparation of off-site and on-site subdivision improvement drawings. In addition, Provost & Pritchard designed the required tertiary wastewater treatment facility and disposal infrastructure, integrating the effluent of this plant into the City of Fresno´s collection system. Subsequently, Provost & Pritchard completed an ALTA survey, control surveys, topographic mapping, subdivision mapping, and construction staking for the infrastructure and subdivision tracts.

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