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Enterprise Canal at Big Dry Creek, Fresno Irrigation District, Fresno County, California

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group was the prime engineering consultant responsible for the design and construction review for Fresno Irrigation District´s (FID) Enterprise Canal at Big Dry Creek Improvement project. FID conveys over 20 MGD of surface water to the City of Fresno plant via the Enterprise Canal, contributing up to 30 percent of the drinking water delivered to Fresno´s 500,000 residents. This award-winning project was critical for improving the safety, reliability, and performance of FID´s ability to convey this vital surface water source to the City of Fresno.

The overall project consisted of removing a nearly 100-year-old concrete canal siphon structure and replacing it with a new concrete flume structure to convey the canal water over the creek and ultimately to the surface water treatment plant. The new flume was equipped with various water control gates including overshot weir gates to regulate flow downstream to the treatment plant and undershot sluice gates to control operational spills into the creek. A concrete deck was integrated into the flume structure to allow public pedestrian and bicycle traffic to cross the canal and creek, as the project is now part of the City of Clovis trailway system and is part of the public trailway along the creek.

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