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North Side Regulating Reservoir, Oakdale Irrigation District, Stanislaus County, California

The North Side Regulating Reservoir Project is a progressive water conservation project that added vital flow control and regulation capabilities at a strategic location on the Oakdale Irrigation Districtís (OID) North Main Canal. The project provides OID with the ability to balance surpluses and shortages in irrigation water demand by utilizing the 360 acre-feet of reservoir storage capacity. By capturing and utilizing water supplies that would have otherwise been lost from OIDís service area, the annual water savings created by the project is estimated at 6,000 acre-feet per year.

Provost & Pritchard was the prime engineering consultant for the project´s design, providing assistance with land acquisition, design development including topographic and boundary surveys, preparation of the record of survey, design of the infrastructure improvements, as well as performing daily on-site construction review and contract administration, and providing start-up testing and observation.

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