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Tule River Interie Project, Lower Tule River Irrigation District, Tulare County, California

The goal of the Tule River Intertie Project is to enable the Lower Tule River Irrigation District to deliver additional Tule River water to a larger portion of the district, which in turn will increase in-lieu and direct recharge of groundwater in the Tipton Canal, the Poplar Ditch/Pipeline and the Casa Blanca Canal service areas. The project included the hydraulic analysis and design of 2.5 miles of new earthen canal, a half mile of existing canal, flow measurement facilities, concrete water control structures, large diameter culverts, open span bridge road crossings and other miscellaneous facilities as well as the Record of Survey for acquired properties. The earthwork for the new Intertie Canal, the jack-and-bore of 84-inch RGRCP across Avenue 152 and the construction of the double 9-foot by 6-foot culvert across State Route 190 were publically bid through separate competitive contracts while many other structures and project facilities were constructed by the district´s forces. Provost & Pritchard also aided in the development of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant application submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation that partially funded this project.

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