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Merced Center Brownfields, City of Merced, California

Provost & Pritchard completed Phase I and Phase II Site Assessment for a redevelopment parcel in downtown Merced. The City of Merced was awarded a $200,000 U.S. EPA Brownfields Grant, funded for a site impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons. The site is located within a city block where three petroleum hydrocarbon releases were identified from two services stations and a car wash. Concerns were raised regarding the presence of hydrocarbons beneath the site that could have resulted from releases from the other sites.

This assessment required the preparation of a Work Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), Health and Safety Plan (HASP), and Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP). Field activities included the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, sampling of soils, and quarterly groundwater monitoring for one year. In addition, Provost & Pritchard staff installed soil vapor probes, and soil vapor samples were collected and analyzed for total petroleum hydrocarbons as gasoline and volatile organic compounds. A site characterization report (SCR) which included a human health risk assessment (HHRA) was prepared.

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"The RWQCB was very pleased with the "extent and quality" of the reports submitted last week."

John Noonan
California Regional Water Quality Control Board