Recreation Park Right Field Improvements, Seals-Biehle General Contractors, Visalia, California

This project involved conducting staking for a multi-level building, associated utilities, and out-structures, as an expansion to an existing baseball stadium complex. Responsibilities included perpetuating existing control points at the construction site, and planning control surveys to support staking for the duration of the project, performing calculations necessary to accurately stake structures from civil, architectural, electrical, and plumbing plans, review of all as-staked data as well as field review of staking operations to ensure client satisfaction, providing as-built points and exhibits to the client, and performing on-site as-built certifications to effect project efficiency and client satisfaction. Project challenges included coordination with the contractor and subcontractor to ensure that staking requests were quickly and accurately fulfilled, and cross-referencing plans from civil engineers, architects, plumbers, and electricians, to ensure that building features were staked accurately and to the client´s specifications.

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