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SWPPP Preparation for Crane Valley Dam Seismic Modification Project (Sierra National Forest, California), ERM West

Provost & Pritchard was responsible for completing a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Crane Valley Dam Seismic Modification project located adjacent to Bass Lake and Willow Creek in the Sierra National Forest. The project´s SWPPP consists of three areas: the construction areas in the quarry, the stockpile locations, and the dam construction. Each area has its own challenges when dealing with the control and prevention of erosion. The project is over 100 acres of disturbed land with seven drainage and ponding areas, one active treatment system (ATS), and over 50 acres of stockpiles. The onsite Best Management Practices (BMPs) included silt fencing, waddles, check dams, basins, slope drains, hydroseeding, ATS, and many other devices.

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