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Nees Avenue Water Line & Storage Tank, City of Clovis, California

This project consisted of providing design and construction management services for a new 2-mile, 18-inch pipeline, a 2.0 million gallon aboveground steel storage tank, and a 5,000 gpm pump station. The new facilities are used to feed water from well fields in the lower pressure zone to the higher pressure zone in the City. Provost & Pritchard was responsible for full design and construction inspection on the project. Variable speed, can-mounted vertical pumps are used to boost water from the tank to new distribution lines in the higher zone; the pumps are housed in a masonry building which incorporates a bridge crane for routine maintenance. A large standby generator is provided to assure water deliveries to the higher zone even during power outages. Sophisticated control and radio telecommunication systems for the facility were retrofitted into the city´s existing SCADA system.

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