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South Industrial Sewer Line, City of Tulare, California

Provost & Pritchard prepared the design of approximately 4.5 miles of industrial waste sewer line and over two miles of reclaimed water line along the southern edge of the City of Tulare. The project consists of approximately 23,000 feet of 24-, 42-, and 48-inch diameter trunk sewer, 10,600 feet of 24-inch diameter reclaimed water line, and a 12 million gallon per day, cast in place industrial sewer lift station. The project involved crossing of Elk Bayou, Tulare Irrigation District irrigation channels, the Union Pacific Railroad, and State Route 99. The project team was responsible for designing the plans, specifications, and estimates for the industrial trunk line, industrial sewer lift station, and reclaimed water line. Provost & Pritchard also provided project surveying, mapping and easement preparation services, and support for right of way acquisition, completion of a Mitigated Negative Declaration, and construction management services.

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