planning:  Local Agency Contract Planning

Before coming to Provost & Pritchard, most of our planners started out working for a public agency.  We know how cities and counties operate, and the things they should do, shouldn’t do, and must do.  Along with our engineers and other staff, we’ve worked for local agencies throughout California, including cities, counties, water districts, public utility districts, and other special districts through both past employment and current contracted staffing services.  Our staff brings knowledge of General Plan policy development and implementation, zoning analysis, processing of land use entitlement applications, and preparation of reports, ordinances, resolutions, and environmental compliance documents under CEQA and NEPA, including mitigation monitoring and compliance. We have creative solutions for needs ranging from staff augmentation and overflow assistance provided remotely from our offices to providing regular in-house presence and over-the-counter customer service.

Local agency contract planning services