Water Resources:  Surface water

Packwood Creek Water Conservation Project

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District, Tulare Irrigation District, City of Visalia

Tulare County, California

Provost & Pritchard partnered with the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District to design and construct the Packwood Creek Water Conservation Project which will benefit local water supplies through the conservation of unstorable storm and flood waters. The groundwater recharged through the Project will increase the reliability of groundwater resources in the area, and will in part mitigate the City of Visalia‚Äôs overdraft. The project has the capacity to recharge 1,465 acre-feet per year, and will better manage 29,360 acre-feet per year.  It utilizes five automated check structures in Packwood Creek to maintain high water levels and maximize storage/recharge capabilities.  Four of the structures are newly-constructed, one was retrofitted, and all are automated and remotely monitored through SCADA to allow for the high water level to be maintained over various flow rates.  The locations of the check structures were selected to optimize storage and wetted perimeter in order to increase recharge capacity.

ACEC California 2017 Engineering Excellence Merit Award Winning Project

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group, 2019